ANTISTATIC250 by STEBERG Ltd. – Elevated Robustness in Antistatic Defense

Dive into the realm of superior protection with STEBERG Ltd.’s ANTISTATIC250, our most robust antistatic fabric yet. Built for industries where an extra layer of security and durability is paramount, ANTISTATIC250 stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering the best.

Key Features and Highlights:

  • Enhanced Weight, Enhanced Protection: With a substantial weight of 250 gsm, ANTISTATIC250 not only promises longevity but also assures a fortified shield against potential static hazards.
  • Certified Excellence: Just like its counterpart, ANTISTATIC250 meets the rigorous standards of EN1149-1 and EN1149-5, offering both assurance and peace of mind in challenging environments.
  • Tailored for Rigorous Use: Whether it’s intensive industrial scenarios or high-tech labs where durability meets precision, ANTISTATIC250 is the trusted ally that professionals rely upon.
  • Legacy of STEBERG Ltd.: Born from our tradition of quality and innovation, ANTISTATIC250 continues our legacy, promising unparalleled protection woven with precision.

Opt for ANTISTATIC250 by STEBERG Ltd. – Where advanced technology meets reinforced safety. Step into a future where every fiber is meticulously crafted, ensuring that industries operate with the utmost assurance.

64% Polyester 35% Cotton 1% Carbon fibreTwill250 gsmEN 1149-1
EN 1149-5
EN 13688