FRCX10 – Highly Resistant Fabric with Reduced Flammability

Introducing FRCX10, our premium fabric with reduced flammability, blending the impeccable comfort of cotton with advanced fire resistance. Designed for professionals who accept no compromises in safety.

Key features and benefits:

  • Certified Durability: FRCX10 holds certifications according to EN ISO 14116, EN ISO 11611, and EN ISO 11612. These certifications attest to its high resistance against flames, welding processes, and various thermal risks.
  • 100% Cotton Comfort: Exclusively composed of 100% cotton, FRCX10 offers unparalleled comfort while ensuring maximum protection.
  • Resilience for Demanding Environments: With a weight of 320 g/m^2, FRCX10 is ideally crafted for long-term use in challenging conditions, showing no signs of wear or degradation of its protective qualities.

FRCX10 is your top choice for a blend of safety and comfort in a unique fabric with reduced flammability.

100% CottonTwill 3/1320 gsmEN 14116
EN 11611
EN 11612
EN 13688