Elastic fabric LUSTER

Introducing our elite elastic stretch fabric named LUSTER 240, specifically designed for crafting chino pants and apparel for professions requiring uncompromised comfort at the workplace. With a unique composition of 97% cotton and 3% elastane, the LUSTER 240 fabric provides extraordinary elasticity and comfort while maintaining style and professional appearance.

Weighing 240 gsm, the LUSTER 240 fabric offers enhanced durability and robustness, ideal for long-term wear and frequent washing, ensuring lasting quality and performance. Its structure and composition ensure exceptional breathability and comfort, key for daily wear across various work environments.

Discover the LUSTER 240 fabric and bring unparalleled comfort, quality, and elegance to your apparel collection, meeting the demands of modern work life.

98% Cotton 2% ElastaneTwill 2/1240 gsmKomfort, stretch