Military Ripstop 230
Military Ripstop 230
Military Ripstop 230
Military Ripstop 230

The fabric Military Ripstop 230 is made of a mixed material that contains synthetic polyester and natural cotton fibers. Ripstop is a fabric that has been reinforced with thicker yarns at equal intervals in the warp and weft during the manufacturing process. This weaving method makes it possible to create a reinforced fabric with the visible crossing of warp and weft typical of ripstop, creating a grid structure on the fabric. Military Ripstop 230 is a fabric that is designed to perform well under heavy use. The material is resistant to tearing, fraying, is not prone to stretching and is also resistant to mechanical damage and friction. A strong fabric such as ripstop is an easy-care material because the presence of polyester fibers makes it dry quickly – while the presence of cotton improves the breathability of the material and prevents static electricity.

Possibilities of using the fabric:

  • clothing for the armed forces and response units
  • clothing for enthusiasts of survivals, paintball, hiking, semi-skiers,…
  • professional and everyday outerwear
  • production of backpacks, bags and others

Colors and patterns: we offer 2 camouflage patterns and 5 colors (see pictures)

65% Polyester RIPSTOP 1/1230 g/m2EN 13688
35% BavlnaEN 15797