fabric is an innovative and high-quality fabric designed for the production of workwear, offering unmatched protection and comfort in the most demanding work conditions. With its composition of 60% Modacryl, 39% Cotton, and 1% Carbon Fiber, it provides an optimal combination of protective properties and wearing comfort.

Excellent protective properties:

  • Fire resistance: MODACRYL is resistant to flames and does not contribute to the spread of fire, ensuring a high level of safety for the wearer.
  • Antistatic properties: Thanks to the addition of 1% Carbon Fiber, the fabric is capable of dissipating static electricity, reducing the risk of spark generation and increasing safety in potentially explosive environments.
  • Resistance to heat and flame: Offers protection in case of brief contact with flames as well as exposure to heat.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: The fabric has a weight of 270 g/m^2, ensuring optimal durability while maintaining flexibility and comfort for the wearer.
  • Available colors: Manufactured in the colors DEEP NAVY BLUE and HV YELLOW, providing options for various work environments and visibility requirements.

Compliance with standards: MODACRYL meets and exceeds the requirements of the following international standards:

  • EN ISO 13688:2013-12: Basic requirements for protective work clothing.
  • EN ISO 1149-5:2009: Protective clothing with electrostatic properties.
  • EN ISO 11611:2015-11: Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes.
  • EN ISO 11612:2015-11: Clothing to protect against heat and flame.
  • EN ISO 61482-1-1: Protection against the thermal hazards of an electric arc.

This fabric is the ideal solution for garments requiring a high level of protection without compromising on comfort. It is suitable for workers in the energy sector, petrochemical industry, welders, and everywhere where high requirements for protection against heat, flame, and static electricity are present, as well as for those needing to be visible in various work environments.


60% Modacryl, 39% Cotton 1% Carbon fibreTwill 2/1280 g/m2EN ISO 13688:2013-12
EN ISO 1149-5:2009
EN ISO 11611:2015-11 (trieda 1, A1+A2)
EN ISO 11612:2015-11 (A1+A2, C1, B1)
EN ISO 20471:2013
EN ISO 61482-1-1:2019