B2B & B2G Trading

B2G – STEBERG Ltd. is a stable partner and supplier for state agencies and individual ministries.

B2B – We have been developing significant business activities in Asian markets for 15 years. Based on many years of experience and the fact that our company has its own sales agent in China, we can guarantee that we will arrange a serious business for you. We will show you how it all works in the following points:



You will contact us with your request via e-mail or telephone.


We will arrange a personal meeting where you will present what goods you are interested in.


Our Chinese agent will find suitable manufacturers for you within 7 days and prepare a preliminary price offer. THIS STEP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, because in China no one will tell you I DON’T KNOW and everyone looks like a manufacturer (in addition, they only have a small sales office). Our agent is a native Chinese with a high level of education and many years of business experience.


When you agree on the price, our next step is a personal visit to the individual factories by our agent together with an expert in the field to choose the right partner for you. THIS IS THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT STEP FOR BUSINESS WITH CHINA. There are a lot of speculators in China who will invite you to a fictional tour of a manufacturing factory that actually belongs to someone completely different. The client enthusiastically doubles the order and immediately sends a high deposit. The goods usually also get but the quality is always very poor.


The fifth step is to produce a retention sample of your product, which will get into your hands usually in a very short time.


When the client is satisfied with the product followed by a contract, a binding order and an advance payment of 30-50%. You always pay this amount to us and not to the producer, because most have accounts in tax havens and you could easily lose money. Our company uses, in cooperation with our agent, verified financial transactions in which there are no risks.


Within about 5 days, the money will arrive in the correct account of the manufacturer and production can begin.


During the production of your products, we continuously send you photo documentation from our agent, who will visit the factory twice more. The first visit is in the middle of production and the second in finalization and packaging.


We provide output control of products and before loading the goods into the container we will send you a randomly selected sample for approval.


After approving the sample, we will arrange transport with the DOOR TO DOOR service for you. We have long-term cooperation with major shipowners, customs officers and shippers. All at unbeatable prices.


When loading the goods, the remaining part of the goods is paid 50-70%.


The cruise lasts 25-30 days + 7-10 days customs and land transport.


Your goods will be delivered to the place of unloading.