Rubox system modules

Modular Ballistic System designed for the construction of ballistic walls, bullet traps, covers and special objects, such as: shooting houses, mobile shooting ranges, shooting points and training facilities for conducting of shooting and tactical training. Easy and quick construction of ballistic and anti-ricochet walls which have the properties of bullet traps as well, allows for modifications in the structure of the training facility at the user level, thus instructors can create places for teaching specific shooting and tactical skills for any number of participants.

The basic elements of the RUBOX SYSTEM used in the construction of ballistic walls, bullet traps and ballistic covers are:

  1. stabilizing bases
  2. GR 250 and GR500 ballistic blocks
  3. ballistic closures
  4. lintels
  5. pillars
  6. side wall panels
  7. AFD (all firing direction) module floors

Complementary elements of the RUBOX system are:

  • ballistic stairs
  • corner guards (windows / doors / openings)
  • safe rubber stones for creation of irregular training zones
  • safe prisms imitating interior design elements
  • graphic transfers – any graphics imposed onto the construction made of RUBOX system blocks (camouflage, wall, room imitations, rooms, etc.)