RUBOX AFD (All Firing Direction)

Designed for protection of floors against accidental firing of a firearm, and an anti-ricochet barrier at the same time. Intercepts bullets and shards to protect people and objects against accidental shots and damage. The panels are made of a self-sealing mixture and filled with solid ballistic load. The RUBOX AFD floor panel intercepts bullets and shards, entrapping them in a ballistic load, preventing the bullets and shards from ricocheting and returning to the room.

The AFD RUBOX modular floor stops bullets of the following caliber: 56 mm, 62 mm, 9 mm smoothbore, caliber 338 LAPUA 285 GRAIN, 50 BMG 750 gr A-MAXR Match™ fired from a distance of 1 meter, 7×99 mm M33 BALL.

The AFD modular floor supplements the construction of RUBOX GR250 and GR500 ballistic blocks, which enable the creation of 360° objects.
Dimensions of AFD RUBOX floor panels:

  • 50 cm x 10 cm x 50 cm (length x height x width)