The 85pcs Non-magnetic Tool kit is a comprehensive took kit for EOD operations. All tools are supplied in a heavy duty fabric carrying case with non-magnetic fittings, with all tools having individual cutouts in foam trays which provide an effective tool control system which clearly shows if any tool is missing. All tools are suitable for contact use and are supplied individually certified.

The kit contains the following items:
Tweezers, Neat Tips,200mm length Probe, straight and right angel, 187mm length Knife, 145mm blade, 250mm length Scissors, 225mm length Hacksaw, blade length 300mm Blade, 300mm to fit hacksaw Scraper, 30mm blade width, flat, 345mm length Wire brush, 290mm length Screwdriver, flat, 3mm blade width, 150mm length Screwdriver, flat, 4mm blade width, 182mm length Screwdriver, flat, 6mm blade width, 237mm length