6-part aluminum avalanche probe for professional search action.

TYROMONT avalanche probes are manufactured from special high strength aluminum – alloy. The single parts are connected by precision screwjoints, which guarantee a perfect allignment of the probes.
Due to the screw-lock, in case of a damage of one part of the avalanche probe, this part can be replaced by another one and therefore operational relialbility of the avalanche probe is guaranteed.

The avalanche probe for professional search action of rescue teams. Long enough for large avalanches, stable enough for rough action.
Total length of 3,60 m, divided in 6 parts of 60 cm each.

Manufactured from high-strength aluminum alloy, with anti-freezing surface treatment. Green signal colour.

Connection of the parts with inserted screw-joints.

Complete with storage bag and wrench.

Length: 3.600 mm
Packing length: 620 mm
Weight: 660g