The COMBOX 1050 (1080 Liters) composter is the most modern and currently the best ecodesign composter, which is the first to be specially designed in modular units enabling its simple and fast expansion and volume increase.

Optimizing space in the garden is the alpha and omega of every gardener and thanks to the modular system he gets the exact required volume at a given moment. Thanks to the modular system, the user can sort compost or even use one of the modules as a storage box.

The composter is made of 100% recycled materials, which come from municipal solid waste. It is a high-quality thick-walled composter ribbed on the inside, whose service life exceeds 10 years. The composter can be opened from any side, which guarantees easy removal and extraction of compost.

The composter lid is designed to prevent unintentional opening and to achieve proper rainwater drainage. The lid has an ergonomic handle for comfortable opening.

Perfect ventilation of the composter is ensured 4. on the sides by vertical openings in the corners of the composter and horizontal ventilation openings.

The composter is NOT toxic, water repellent and moisture resistant. It is heat resistant (-40 ° C / + 80 ° C) and is resistant to any weather conditions. It is not subject to plastic degradation.

The COMBOX composter is reworked into details even during transport. Here, too, it was thought ECOLOGICALLY, the shape and individual sizes of the composter are designed to minimize space during transport.

Video instructions for assembling the composter (sample COMBOX600):

Video instructions for compost extraction:

Capacity: 1080L
Dimensions: 120x80x120cm / W-H-D /
Wall thickness: 7 mm
Weight: 64 kg
Lid: fitted with hinges, equipped with a mechanism against unintentional opening
Vents: all around
Container shape: square – modulatable
Color: gray