Fibre robe winch for decending and ropeing up in very rough areas.

For decending and ropeing up with a fibre rope. The best working areas for fibre rope rescueing are steep or overhanging rock, steep forrest or lawn-areas, gorges and canyons. The optimum working range is up to about 100m at a working load of up to 250m. The best suited ropes are static fibre ropes with a diameter of 11 mm.

The self-tailer device provides the necessary pullback power. The operator does not need to apply any pullback power to create friction between rope and brakedrum. Two speeds – enough power for every situation. Changing the gear-ratio is effected by changing the turningdirection of the crank. The first speed provides enough power to rope up two persons by one man (6,8:1), while the second speed is used for ropeing up smaller loads or when working with two persons on the crank (32:1). For ropeing up over very short distances, simply pull back the retarding-strand of the rope powerfully while cranking up in the first speed.

Controlled running of the rope. Two guiding rolls control the inhauling of the rope and prevent it from tangling and blocking on the winch drum. No tangling because of exact guiding of the rope. To insert the rope open the upper roll.

Emergency Stop Function. As soon as the operator lets the rope go out for any reason, it is blocked automatically. While ropeing down, the emergency stop is held open through the hold back power applied by the user. If this hold-back force is not there any more (if the operator lets the rope go), the emergency stop blocks acts and the rope is stopped gently over the brake drum. Ropeing up, the rope also runs through the emergency stop. If the winching action stops, the rope is blocked. The emergency stop acts on the low-load side of the rope behind the winch and is permanently in action.

Standing stability due to the vertical position of the winch drum. The U-shaped winchbody guarantees a safe operation and maximum standing stability even in the most difficult anchoring circumstances. Also, the movement of the crank parallel to the ground minimizes the danger of squeezing your fingers between crank and ground.
High-strength aluminum alloy for winch body, mounting support of the rope blocking system. Winch drum and the guiderolls are manufactured from bronce. Stainless gearwheels and winch drum bearings.
Tested safety: Rope blockers U.I.A.A. – tested. At a safety factor of 7, the safe working load is 250 kg. The ultimate load is way beyond 2.200 kg.
Tested by the Austrian Government Authorized Testing Institute for Mechanical Engineering Innsbruck.

Length: 435 mm
Width: 295 mm
Height: 240 mm
Weight: 6.50 kg