The MK7 Heavy Duty Tripodhas been designed to enable a bomb disposal operator to remotely lift a suspect improvised explosive device (IED) weighing up to 750 kg from recesses such as a car boot, drainage hole etc.

The three section telescopic legs of the EOD Tripod can be adjusted to the appropriate height, allowing for flat or sloping ground, and then locked into position. The flat, self-levelling, foot of each leg can be protected from movement on a hard surface by use of sandbags or, on soft ground, be pegged into the ground with the pegs provided.

The top of the tripod is fitted with a triple block, or pulley, with bearings for easy lifting of heavy objects, through which a rope with a karabiner at one end is fitted. Lifting tackle is attached to the karabiner and the operator can then lift the suspect article. The rope runs from the karabiner up to, and through, the triple block or pulley at the top of the tripod and then down to the base of one of the legs where another triple block with a jammer is fitted. This ensures that when lifting the suspect object, the lift is provided via the base of the EOD Tripod ensuring that the tripod cannot topple over.


Materials: Non-magnetic
Lift Capability: 750kg.
Total Storage Weight: 26kg.
Lifting Height: 2.5metres (5 heights available).
Overall Height: 2.6m
Storage Length: 1.5m (In two bags)
Lifting Range: 2m