Insulation system

IsoArk – Portable isolation chamber

The portable isolation chamber is intended for quick setting up of a biologically isolated space from a clean external environment. IsoArk is a complete solution for turning any room or space into a bio-enclosed area that allows the isolation of infected or contaminated people and matter. The entire system meets and easily exceeds today’s standards for the isolation of airborne infections, including the CDC’s 2003 guidelines for infection control in healthcare settings. Other applications may include mail screening, workplace safety in hazardous dust environments, and temporary laboratory work.

An air chamber attached to the main chamber provides the ability to easily move in and out of the isolated area without loss of vacuum or contamination to the outside environment. This system gives the possibility to focus on the treatment from the outside to avoid contamination of the equipment and personnel. Necessary equipment can be placed outside the chamber and probes, hoses and cables can be routed through sleeves to an isolated area. The FA 2000 integrated filter system combines a highly efficient HEPA filter and a UV source to provide the best available biological protection against contamination threats. The system sucks in contaminated air from the chamber through a pre-filter followed by a HEPA filter and releases the cleaned air to the outside environment.

The UV radiation source contained in the filters kills the microorganisms trapped inside, which prevents the accumulation of living microorganisms in the system. These features contribute to offering a cost-effective and practical alternative to expensive and permanent isolation rooms that can provide the required isolation protection within minutes.

The main chamber is made of a lightweight aluminum quick-connect construction that supports a transparent chamber liner that is made of a special durable laminate.

The air chamber is a self-supporting structure consisting of wide double swing doors for quick and easy access with equipment or beds. When entering the air chamber, the electro-optical eye automatically switches the filter system to high-purge mode, which increases the air flow
through the transition chamber many times. This significantly reduces the waiting time for complete air exchange in the air chamber and ensures the maintenance of negative pressure even when entering or exiting the chamber

The filtration system has three different airflow modes that allow for quick air flushing when needed while minimizing noise levels and energy consumption when high flushing speeds are not required. In addition, the system is equipped with a differential pressure gauge that shows the status of the HEPA filter. No tools are required to replace the filter or UV unit.