The TAR Covert Tracking and C4I Systems, are used by Law Enforcement, Intelligence Organisations and armed forces worldwide. The system provides surveillance Teams with a suite of capabilities; location pedestrian and self-tracking devices.

In addition, the system allows mission commander audio monitoring, mission management and tracking targets globally, enabling surveillance experts to simultaneously monitor conversations taking place within a moving vehicle and track the location of vehicles over digital colour maps, in real-time.

The system comprises of different location units:

Small, autonomous and weatherproof probe units, attached by magnets to the outside of the vehicle for covert tracking after target vehicles.

Miniature units with microphones, designed to be mounted inside Target Vehicles; allowing simultaneous voice monitoring and location tracking.

Miniature location units concealed on the body of the agents, to monitor the location of a field agent, and the audio environment in the vicinity of the agent.

Location units designed for the organization’s vehicles that enable to remotely monitor and operate different sub-systems of the vehicle. The tracking operation may be monitored and controlled through several dedicated command stations from different locations simultaneously. The command stations can be operated from personal computers, tablets or smartphones.