PARKER 195 – Premium Elastic Fabric from STEBERG s.r.o.

Introducing PARKER 195, a new generation elastic fabric with an optimal basis weight of 195 g/m2. Thanks to its exceptional construction, the fabric guarantees exceptional user comfort and adaptability during movement.

Characteristics of the PARKER 195 fabric:

  • -Optimal Weight: With a weight of 195 g/m2, PARKER 195 represents the ideal balance between resistance and lightness, which allows the skin to breathe and at the same time guarantees resistance to wear.
  • Work Comfort:  Our PARKER 195 fabric is ideal for creating lightweight workwear that uncompromisingly combines elegance and functionality, making it the first choice for professionals looking for comfort while performing their tasks.
  •  Evolution in the Clothing Industry: While in the past elastic fabrics were mainly reserved for the fashion sphere, today’s dynamic world of work requires a combination of functionality and comfort. The PARKER 195 represents this transition and reflects the growing recognition of the need for comfort while working.

STEBERG s.r.o. is proud to bring innovation and revolutionary solutions to the world of work fabrics. Our PARKER 195 fabric is a testament to our commitment to development and ensuring our customers receive only the best. Try PARKER 195 and experience a new dimension of working comfort.

55% Cotton 38% Polyester 2% LycraTwill 2/1195 g/m2EN 13688