Portable chemical detector


In the fight against traditional chemical attacks, defense and security organizations face new threat scenarios.

Chemical incidents, terrorism and criminal acts are real threats. Employees and responsible services must prepare daily.

A reliable and fast detector module for fixed applications with a local user interface where a built-in rechargeable battery is not required.

The detector module is controlled via RS-232/485 serial communication, similar to the detection capability of the ChemPro100i. ChemProDM’s Open Loop IMS technology ensures constant availability even after long-term storage, ensures quick start-up and reliable operation.

Depending on the current task, a suitable chemical library can be selected for each mission.

A wide range of additional modules and accessories can be connected to the PRO detector. To create a complete RCB detection system, using additional options of our system, it is possible to improve the standard offer. Incorporating two serial ports for advanced communication with external information systems, the universal resolution of the DC input allows the system to be used with a wide variety of DC sources with battery recharging capability.

One of the many advantages of open loop IMS technology is that unlike traditional technology where systems require regular replacement of the molecular filter or other filters, here the system has only one common consumable, a simple dust filter

Size (H x W x D) – 13 x 9 x 6 cm without external filter
Weight: approx. 1 kg
Power supply 9-36 VDC
Remote power supply 100-260 VAC (47-400 Hz)
Input adapter

Storage of up to 20 libraries of 50 compounds.
– Programmable alarm storage
Serial communication interface
with two RS-232/RS-485 ports
Built-in GPS
“Field” reprogrammability
Integrated self-diagnosis
Weather resistance
Operating temperature range -30 … + 55 °C
Storage temperature range from -40 to +71 °C
Compliant with MIL-STD-461E and 810E * – Weatherproof

The CHMPRO100i is a vehicle-mounted handheld detector ideal for the detection and classification of field and indoor chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and selected toxic industrial chemicals (TICs). It provides superior sensitivity and false alarm suppression in the most user-friendly and cost-effective package in its class.
It enables simultaneous chemical and radiological detection.