The SIV is a multi-purpose vehicle built to meet the operational needs of Law Enforcement Agencies. The vehicle enables in-the-field units to monitor public events and deliver a non-violent response at venues, and mass demonstrations.

Jammer Equipment
High performance VIP jammer, powered by battery power pack, DC/AC inverter and connected to operator workstation via RS232.

Target Detection
Scan any public area and collect mobile phone identification for all persons within 500m radius.

Operator Workstations
Powerful computer units equipped with mounted LCD monitors and peripheral devices suitable for up to 4 system operators.

Personal Profiling
Collect personal information of mobile phone ID owners including photos, contacts, blogs and posts.

Direction Finder
Measures the direction from which a received signal was transmitted by a mobile phone in the vicinty and locates device via triangulation calaculation.

Intelligence Analytics
Analyse personal profiles, social network activity and online behavior for suspects in crowded areas.