TRM® Tactical Throwable Robot is a small, robotic device designed to deliver support in antiterrorist operations. TRM® has been designed in response to the threats faced by special forces units during area reconnaissance.

The TRM® can be thrown into a building or to an open area and steered by remote control in order to perform inspection. TRM®’s construction is designed to withstand the impact produced by a fall from a high altitude (9 meters).

Currently offered robot’s second generation with new quiet drives and small control panel makes TRM® a product even better than before.

Main features of TRM® robot
• quiet drives,
• possibility of smooth, manually adjusted regulation of camera viewing angle within 360° radius,
• various illuminators can be installed (white light/IR),
• possibility of launching & initiating flash bang grenades,
• low mass and small dimensions of control panel,
• digital audio-video recorder integrated with control panel,
• possibility of steering three robots from one control panel.
Application of TRM®
• inspection and reconnaissance of the terrain or objects,
• possibility to listen to conversations in the immediate vicinity of the robot,
• day and night operational,
• possibility to illuminate targets or dangerous objects,
• possibility of video and sound recording (SD card).