Cold weather shoes

Designed and developed in Canada after extensive field testing and user feedback, the Mukluk achieves the optimal balance between weight, insulation, comfort, and durability. Breathable and anti-microbial, lightweight yet heavy-duty, this is the world’s top extreme cold weather performer.

Built for soldier comfort in extreme cold

Performs comfortably from 32ºF to -67ºF (0°C to –55°C.)
Water resistant and fast-drying

The outer shell system prevents water infiltration while evacuating humidity. The inner core consists of fast-drying double-felt insulation.
Removable insoles

Two removable insoles (felt and synthetic mesh) optimize comfort, moisture management, and thermal performance.
Anti-microbial, anti-fungal and chemically resistant.

Excellent anti-microbial/anti-fungal properties. Resistant to chemicals such as degreasers, cleaning agents, and lubricating oils.
Interface with snowshoes.

Stable interface with snowshoes for whatever the battlefield requires.
Heavy duty laces and blucher-style lacing.

Heavy-duty laces for easier cold-weather handling with blucher-style lacing for a comfortable and snug fit.
One-piece moulded outsole

The molded outsole provides improved traction and excellent performance on challenging surfaces.
Lace-up snow guard

The lace-up snow guard prevents debris and snow from entering the boot.
A multitude of sizing options

Available in sizes covering 99% of the population providing an optimal fit for users of any size.