TYRled 2100Lm
TYRled 2100Lm
TYRled 2100Lm
TYRled 2100Lm
TYRled 2100Lm

Lightweight, flexible and mobile power LED spotlight.

Easy to use and can be attached to terrain, rocks and trees or on skis in winter (stuck in the snow) thanks to a flexible, rubber-armored tripod.

Thanks to the modular principle, all parts are fully interchangeable. Lamp head can eg. can also be attached elsewhere using a Gopro bracket.

High luminosity with 2100lm. Illuminates every stone / rock / tree / snow surface. Brighter than a conventional car headlight.

Narrow beam characteristics with 26 degrees for targeted illumination of the area to be walked on.

Narrow search cone ensures good visibility over long distances.

Bright illumination of the scene of the accident without a headlamp. Range up to 270m.

Low weight and packing volume for easy transport with approx. 0.8kg.

Long burn time due to powerful batteries from 1.45 to 150 hours

Waterproof up to 2m and shockproof up to 2m.

Mobile application for:

Illumination of the accident site
Illumination of the mountain trail

Lumenoutput: 2100 lm
Weight: ca. 0.8 kg