Comfortable carrying frame.

Comfortable, energy-saving carrying frame for high alpine use.

Easily attach and carry rescue stretcher, divisible akja, vacuum mattress and other things. Bike and drawbar also can be attached on the frame.

Your own backpack with the man’s equipment can also be fixed.

The shoulder strap and hip belt of the Kraxe are well padded and serve as protection against pressure points. The V2 carrying system is dimensionally stable and durable.

No shifting of the load while walking – especially important in inaccessible terrain.

The load is fastened using three fixing straps with a stable clamp. Very robust and easy to use system.

Sturdy aluminum frame and comfortable carrying system enable versatile use – load capacity up to 50 kg.

A 25 cm deep arm with stand serves as the loading area.

The stand enables you to stand securely – even on uneven terrain. This also offers additional mounting o ptions.

Scope of delivery: one piece of carrying frame TYRmove incl. 3 fixing straps.

Length: 780 mm
Width: 350 mm
Stage space: 250 mm
Weight: 3.4 kg