TYROLL Rescue System
TYROLL Rescue System
TYROLL Rescue System
TYROLL Rescue System
TYROLL Rescue System
TYROLL Rescue System

Entirely new developed rescue system for horizontal and vertical transport of injured people from exposed position for rope- and air rescue.

Revolutionary solution providing outstanding patient protection and security, combining a helicopter rescue bag, an integrated roll-up stretcher and a patient restraint system.

Protective bag to fully enclose the patient, manufactured from high-strength, water- and wind resistant perlon PES fibre.
High torsional rigidity of the roll-up stretcher due to the integration into the rescue bag. Stretcher could be easily fastened by four Cobra© buckles.

Bottom with sewn diagonal-belt weight bearing system made from rotting-free, high strength 45mm PES belt provides even weight distribution for perfectly horizontal bedding of the injured.

Longitudinal large-area Velcro closing for the perfect adoption to the size of the injured. Four additional external fixation belts with frame buckles for easy handling.

Equipped with an internal patient restraint system (=IPRS) for the securing of the injured in longitudinal and lateral direction, additionally equipped with leg loops for fixation of the injured in caudally direction.

Four retaining tabs with Cobra© buckles for connecting with the optional HOR-VER-System or for attaching the bag in the cabin at its hardpoints.

Adjustable foot slings additionally protects the injured against sliding down within the bag, enabling to use the rescue system vertically.

Suspension: 10 high strength fibre suspension ropes / five of each side pooled in one Maillon Rapide Delta-link carabiner.

Length: 2050 mm
Width: 600 mm
Rolled: Height 880 mm / Ø 350 mm
Weight: 10.50 kg (inc. roll-up)
Certification: EC Type Examination E 7111 (NB1246)