Minefield Crossing Sandals

MiCS is a unique product designed to enable walking on mines without activating them. A user equipped with MiCS can work within a minefield and cross it without activating any mines. By using MiCS, the user can safely clear mines, evacuate a wounded personnel from the minefield, or simply cross the minefield on his way to a different mission.

Principles of Operation
Most Anti-Personnel mines in the world are activated by the weight of the person stepping on them, which is why they are also called pressure mines. MiCS distribute the weight of the user over a large area, so that the pressure applied on the mine under the MiCS is lower than the pressure required to activate the mine. MiCS usage is possible on every type of terrain. Distribution of the user’s weight, evenly, over the ground is achieved by a hard treading surface on the top part of the sandals, which is harnessed to a flexible envelope filled with air. The ability to prevent the activation of a mine is achieved by evenly distributing the weight of the soldier over a large area, in a way that the pressure applied on the mine under the sandal is smaller than the weight threshold required to activate it.

Minefield crossing sandals are composed of four main components:
-A hard treading surface made of plastic.
-Harnessing straps that lock the user’s shoe to the treading surface.
-A flexible fabric envelope, containing 5 compartments.
-An air system that includes 5 air cushions and connecting tubes.

The soft fabric envelope is composed of 5 compartments, each one containing an air cushion. These cushions are connected to each other via an air manifold tube. The top part of the envelope is connected to the treading surface via a harness, and the treading surface connects to the shoe of the user via straps. The flexibility of the sandals enables perfect adaptation to any terrain. This is how the even distribution of the user’s weight is achieved upon the ground.

MiCS do not contain metallic materials, which prevents interference while working with metal detectors (mine detectors), and also prevents the activation of magnetic mines.

Special Features of MiCS:
Safe and reliable
Durable and lightweight
Simple to work with and maintain
Combination of different materials to prevent punctures
Emergency inflation ability – optional

Technical Specifications
Size: 35x70x13 cm’. or 13.7×27.5×5 inch
Each sandal can carry up to 150kg’. or 330 pounds
Weight: 2.3kg’. or 5 pounds