Anti-shard covers

Designed for use in areas exposed to military action, aimed to secure people and equipment against the impact of conventional weapons, enabling observation of the terrain and effective defense. The solution in the RUBOX system is a response to the heavyweight constructions built with gabion baskets and sand-filled level III shelters. The possibility of a rapid construction of shelters from blocks and other RUBOX elements with a small workload allows for maintenance of more than average bullet, shard and shockwave capturing properties. The design provides protection against 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, 9 mm and a smoothbore, Caliber 338 Lapua 285 GRAIN and .50 BMG 750 GR A-MAXR MATCH™ fired from a distance of 1 meter, 12.7×99 mm M33 Ball, hand grenade RG 42, F1, RGZ89, RGO88. All these characteristics show a new trend in the construction of shelters and departure from the construction of heavy and non-mobile shelter structures.