Protection of explosion zones

Including buildings and rooms with hazardous materials by building an additional wall from the modular RUBOX system aims to protect against escaping shards outside of the object or room as well as absorbing the energy of the explosion by RUBOX elements and protecting of people and outdoor property. External protection outside the object in which there are dangerous materials by building capturing walls from the modular RUBOX system, which are aimed at capturing all elements after explosion and disallowing them going uncontrollably over the construction of the RUBOX system. The capturing wall absorbs most kinetic energy/shock wave and shards.

Modularity of the RUBOX structure

Its compliance with other elements enables construction in accordance to the calculation of the capture wall to protect people and property. As well as in the case of safeguards for machines and devices of strategic importance, specialized security constructions are possible in the RUBOX system for narrow protection specializations such as weapon warehouses, ammunition and explosive materials, and other military equipment of strategic importance.