Ballistic blocks

A construction element of the RUBOX system ballistic walls, made of a special mixture with self-sealing properties, filled with ballistic material according to the standards established by the manufacturer. The rubber compound the RUBOX GR250 and GR500 ballistic blocks are made of, allows for the self-sealing of the projectile or shard inlet and its interception by ballistic granules and reduces the phenomenon of bullet ricochet.

RUBOX GR250 and GR500 ballistic blocks are used to intercept bullets with a maximum energy of up to 18,000 J. They fully stop bullets of caliber: 56 mm, 62 mm, 9 mm smoothbore, caliber 338 LAPUA 285 GRAIN .50 BMG 750 gr A-MAXR Match™ fired from a distance of 1 meter, 7×99 mm M33 BALL, RG 42, F1, RGZ89, RGO88 hand grenade.

GR250 and GR500 ballistic blocks are compatible with each other through the mutual overlapping of blocks, as well as through stabilizing bases and inspection lids, lintels and stairs. Thanks to this, you can create any constructions / bullet traps / training objects / trainers.

RUBOX GR250 and GR500 ballistic blocks are used for construction of:

  • bullet traps,
  • weapon unloading points,
  • ballistic covers,
  • standalone ballistic covers,
  • mixed ballistic covers,
  • covers between shooting positions,
  • explosion-proof covers,
  • anti-shard covers,
  • shooting houses, killing houses,
  • modular training buildings and trainers,
  • standalone ballistic constructions,
  • level 2 and 3 covers,
  • safe rooms protecting people in the event of a terrorist attack.