Protective shelters

Simple protective shelters protecting from conventional fire such as artillery, firearms, small explosives, grenades, etc. Conventional warfare is still being carried out and improved, which was clear in the war in Ukraine and Georgia. Therefore, the applicable NATO doctrine recommends the use of technical solutions to build wider programs of shielding structures. The RUBOX system allows in this specialist segment construction of level II and III shelters in already existing facilities as well as standalone buildings based on the RUBOX ballistic system. The work characteristics of the objects constructed on the RUBOX structural base provides protection against conventional threats and terrorist threats ensuring various protective, construction and functional solutions adapted to the type of threat. The mobile and modular structure of shelter hide enables their construction:

  • in underground garages, tunnels, basements and hollows,
  • in buildings with basements such as basements with windows, basement flats,
  • partially sheltered objects, ground tunnels,
  • terrestrial buildings including premises constructionally reinforced in public buildings (level 0), one-storey, with no window openings, with window openings, industrial halls,
  • ground shelters of standalone construction,
  • ground shelters with the use of existing buildings, including ground shelters that are no longer in use.

As simple structurally, stand-alone buildings, they can be a real mobile safeguard for the civilian population and the army. The possibility of transferring images to the structural elements of the shelter built from RUBOX elements allows for reduction of the detection of such object.